Friday, November 27

What is the best SMOK Pod?

When it comes to choosing SMOK pods, you’ve got to be quite careful as some SMOK pods aren’t as built and well-designed as others. While there are quality vape kits in the industry, you might want to consider the SMOK Morph 219 vape kit. The Morph 219 kit is quite the vape mod that you’ll want to reckon with as it’s built with premium materials.

The touchscreen interface makes it hand-friendly as it is masterfully integrated. On the good side, the screen is responsive and bright and doesn’t lag or delay when you enable or input a function. The rest of the Morph 219 kit features a zinc alloy chassis as well as a resin-based backplate that can come in numerous colors, five, to be precise. It is also compatible with the TFV Mini V2 Tank that strive to provide the best vaping experience.

A small USB port is located on the frontal side of the device exactly under the screen. You can use it to charge the dual 18650 batteries inside and to install firmware upgrades. You’ll find a tiny locking key precisely above the firing switch which can be used to lock the screen. No, the screen lock doesn’t lock the firing switch as you can still light your vape when the switch is on, you simply can’t adjust the settings.

Another exciting feature about the Morph 219 kit is the passcode function that allows you to personalize your vape. This way, you can keep it from being used by the wrong people, say, children.

Kit Contents

Given that the SMOK Morph comes in a kit, it comes with several user-items that are specific to the device. So, if you purchase the SMOK Morph 219 kit, you’ll find:

· One SMOK Morph

· One USB cable

· A user-manual

· A protective silicone band

· One SMOK TF 6ml (comes with a BF-Mesh 0.25ohm coil)

· One spare 0.25ohm BF-Mesh coil

Using the Morph Mod

Touchscreens have really box Mod vaping quite easy as you can conveniently adjust settings easily instead of relying on button combinations or obsolete adjustment buttons. Other information you’ll find on the touchscreen include –

· Battery life

· Preheat mode

· Vape mode

· Vape timer

· Voltage

· Resistance

· Puff counter

· Amps

Using the info from the main screen, you can understand and use the mod’s options seamlessly. The side menu offers you four distinct modes – Setting, Mode My mode, and Puff.

Final thoughts

The Morph 219 Kit is would pass as a very good option if you’re looking to simplify your vaping lifestyle. This device is a modification of the conventional vaping devices.


  1. Do you have to use nicotine salts in a pod system?You will need a pod system with a low wattage for vaping nicotine salts. But it is better not to use nic salts in a sub-ohm device.
  2. How do you inhale a pod?Take a smooth, short, steady drag straight into the mouth. Hold the vapour in your mouth for a moment then inhale into the lungs before exhaling.
  3. What benifits pod Vapes have?They features easy to use and excellent setup performance. The nic salt flavour pods with pre-filled design are great.Pod vape integrates sweet appearing vape kit that lightweight and portable to carry.