Friday, November 27

SMOK MAG Pod 40W Starter Kit Review

The UK SMOK Mag Pod system kit ushers in a whole new vaping experience. It stands out from the past SMOK series given its added awesome features. The SMOK Mag Pod is powered by an in-built 1300mAh rechargeable battery and this is the most powerful battery you can ever find on the pods market.

The SMOK brand has finally come up with a pod system kit that reimagines its iconic series, and this has allowed for a more enhanced user experience. The SMOK Mag Pod comes with a plethora of specifications that both novice and veteran vapers will appreciate.

Of all the vaping system kits on the market, the SMOK Mag Pod remains the best option given its portability, versatility, and user-friendly feature. It has a visual eye-catching design and a perfectly crafted pod cartridge. The SMOK Mag Pod is one such vaping system that satisfies all your vaping needs.

As much as the SMOK Mag Pod device is pocket-friendly, it can easily be maintained and operated when compared to other high-powered devices. It portrays the SMOK brand’s mag design, having a shape resembling that of a trigger, and it also possesses a comfy grip.

Another distinctive feature this unique vaping system possesses is its colorful display screen, which shows your vaping stats, allowing you to explore its different settings. The SMOK Mag Pod also comes with the adjustable wattage feature. You can adjust the wattage to up to 40 watts, and this allows for exploring different vaping styles.

The SMOK brand is quite particular about observing safety measures, and this is why the SMOK Mag Pod comes with a set of highly advanced safety features. For vapers who prefer a swift vapor activation, it uses a fire button.

The SMOK Mag Pod device operates with an innovative lock technology, which ensures the cartridge is secure for a perfect connection. It possesses different airflow channels from other pod systems on the market, and it allows for a smoother vape production. It gives a solid vapor cloud production.

Furthermore, the SMOK Mag Pod is leak-proof, and it has a small window through which you can stay afloat your juice level. In terms of compatibility, it can be used with the SMOK brand’s iconic RPM coil series. The SMOK Mag Pod also comes with 0.8ohm DC MTL (mouth-to-lung) coil, 0.4ohm mesh coil.

With these tools, you can easily go from sub-ohm to mouth-to-lung vaping.

This shows the versatility feature of the SMOK Mag Pod device, and this means both novice and veteran vapers will surely satisfy their vaping needs.


Vaping just became an amazing experience with the SMOK Mag Pod device. The SMOK brand has proven its reliability and authenticity with its vaping system series, and the SMOK Mag Pod is at the forefront of that accomplishment.

With the SMOK Mag Pod, an excellent user experience is promised, and its durability is second to none given its 1300mAh battery power. So, make that decision today. Get your SMOK Mag Pod device to up your vaping experience today.


  1. What are Pod Vapes? Pod vapes have open systems and closed pod systems: Closed pod systems aren’t refillable, which have replaceable pod cartridges, .
  2. What is a pod system? A pod system features a pre-filled cartridge or cartridges you can fill that holds the e-liquid. The cartridge snaps into a small battery that powers the device.
  3. How do you use vape pods? Hold the vapour in your mouth for a moment then inhale into the lungs before exhaling. Pod vapes have been designed around this with their slightly tighter draw, higher nicotine levels, and better throat hit than larger vape devices.