How To Select The Best Robot Vacuum For Your Home

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What are the different types of vacuum cleaners?
Robot vacuums have been around for years, but their popularity has grown over the last few years. They’re really simple to use and they give your home a fresh look. They can also be used in virtually any room of your house, so you don’t have to worry about being interrupted while cleaning up after pets or kids.
There are three main types of robot vacuum cleaners: cordless, backpack-style and handheld. The different types offer different benefits and capabilities. Let’s look at the most popular types with some helpful pros and cons!

Which robot is the best for your home?
When it comes to cleaning, there are a lot of options. There are robot vacuums that can be purchased for under $200 and can clean your entire house in about an hour. There are vacuum cleaners that cost much more than that, but will leave your house looking like a scene out of ‘Mad Max.’
The best way to make the right decision is by comparing the different models on the market and asking yourself: Will you need a small or large home? Will you use this machine regularly? What type of cleaning will it do? The answer to all these questions is going to impact which model you choose.
If you decide to get one, here’s how to pick the right robot.
You should consider things like battery life, ease-of-use, capacity, and number of attachments available (you may also want to consider how much you’re willing to spend). Other features such as suction power or brush roll speed may not matter if you don’t plan on using it often.

Choose the right robot vacuum for your home.
The good news is that there are a ton of robot vacuums on the market today. The bad news is that no one really knows what is best for you and your home.
It’s important to take into consideration your needs before selecting a robot vacuum, because every robot vacuum has its own unique features and features.
In this post, we’ll talk about some common features of each robotic vacuum brand and how they can help your home.

Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV (S9)
This robot vacuum with self empty uses LDS2.0 sensor with SLAM algorithm for navigation situated in the centrally located turret. That makes it only 9.8 cm high and capable to crawl and clean under furniture. In case the clearance is barely there a pressure sensor in the turret will ensure it will not get stuck. The vacuum motor is very powerful with a whopping 2700 Pa of suction which equates to windspeed of 66 meters per second. In my testing it cleaned exceptionally well and vacuumed up small stray objects like hair clips, small wires and corn kernels. It does get too loud when on maximum power but on quiet or even standard power mode the noise is tolerable.

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