Friday, November 27

How To Change Coil On SMOK


There are hardly any activity as pleasurable as continuous vaping sessions, day after day, and with consecutively strong flavor hits.

However, all good things must come to an end (At least for a short time).

As you continue to puff on your SMOK RPM40 Pod Mod Kit, after some time you are likely to feel a bitter taste. Does it mean Smok needs a repair, or maybe something wrong with the juice you recently got?

It is simply an indication that you need to change your coil.

Let us continue reading to determine how to change coil on Smok RPM40 and most other vape devices.

Understanding Vape Coils

Coil is the most essential jigsaw to solving your vaping queries and giving you the best vaping hit.

Coils are made up of a wire and wick and accommodated within a mod. The wires in the coils decide the resistance in ohms of your mod.

Smok RPM40 offers dual RPM mods- a RPM standard mod offering two replacement coils 0.4ohm coil and RPM Nord mod offering 0.6ohm resistant coil.

Vape Coil Longevity

Coils do not last forever. With repeated usage, heating, and cool downs, the coils burn out. Therefore, it is essential to replace them after one to two months.

There are, however, coils that last much longer and are crafted to sustain multiple vapes in quick succession. Such as Smok RPM40’s Nord Regular DC that offers faster heating and faster cooling to allow increased longevity.

Within the coil offerings, Smok RPM40 offers more options such as

· Nord Mesh: It is a Mouth to Lung 0.8ohm coil that offers max output of 16W and provides a rich flavor, more cloud formation, and a longer longevity

· Nord Regular Coil: A mouth to lung 1.4ohm coil with a high concentration of vapor

· Nord Mesh Coil: A sub ohm vaping coil that offers 0.6ohm resistance and a massive, thick cloud vapor

How to Change the Coil

1) Dismantle Your Vape

To change coils, you will have to disassemble your device by starting from the bottom. Follow the Smok’s manual and disassemble accordingly. Having reached the tank, turn your device upside down and rotate the tank in anti-clockwise direction

2) Pour Out the E-Juice

Keep a towel under your dismantling workstation to prevent any juice spills on yourself. Empty the juice and ensure all juice has been cleaned out

3)Prepare the Wick

Coils have a wire and a wick. When changing the coil, it is essential to put a few drops of juice onto the wick before fitting in the coil.

Wick is prepared with juice to prevent any dry burning

4) Fit in The New Coil

Having unscrewed the previous coil and pre-saturating the wick, you will have the freedom to place the new coil in place.

5) It’s A Wrap Up

Once you have placed the new coil, re-assemble your device and clean it with a paper towel to ensure it is clean.

Fill the tank with the juice, which was used to prepare the wick previously, and try the wonders of a new SMOK RMP40’s coil.


Changing a coil initially seems daunting. However, the Smok RPM40 device makes the entire process a smooth operation.

By implementing the tips mentioned-above, you will be swapping coils like a pro!


  1. What do coils do in a vape? The vape coil is part of the mod and responsible for heating up the e-liquid and vapourising it. According to wraps and types of the wire, the coil resistance can be adjusted.
  2. What is Mouth to Lung Vaping? MTL Vaper are not pay too much attention to huge clouds of vapor, they care about the flavor and nicotine. You suck the vape into your mouth and then inhale into your throat or lungs.
  3. Are mesh vape coils better? Mesh coils are better at producing more vapour and giving better vaping flavour. You will have more surface area and metal to actually heat up juice with a mesh core.