Cosmic Fire Pan: How To Use it To Create Healthy, Delicious Meals


The non-stick pans or cast-iron pans on the market now are either not truly non-stick, or with harmful material like PFOA and PTFE, or can be easily deformed under high temperature, not long-lasting at all. As the first pan featured with Graphene coating, Cosmic Fire pan is able to change all the situations above.

What is a Cosmic Fire Pan?
The round shape of the Graphene Covering/Graphene coating makes it perfect for cooking small variety of dishes. In this design, the surface temperature of the pan is nearly 3000 degrees. No sticks are seen after using this pan. It is very durable and resistant to rust and chemical attack. When cooking, the pan is hardly hot or hot enough to cause burning of food. The design of the black pan with red background adds a sense of luxury and class to the space. No metallic sounding sound is heard when the pan is used. The pan is easy to clean with water. Rice is cooked in the pan easily. This is a patent protected, and the manufacturers have provided user manuals and parts kits for it. Packaging A 10-piece container of the product is supplied.

How does it work?
The combination of graphene and organic resin can make the previous non-stick property and high heat resistance actually increase to 800 times. Compared to a regular cast-iron pan, the product can retain both non-stick and high heat resistance. The bottom of the pan will also be covered with a non-stick organic coating and a layer of polymer film. The bottom coating will resist all the heat, are resistant to corrosion and crack easily, unlike ordinary cast iron, which can easily get damaged. Advertisement The final product is really cute, is easy to clean and can be durable. As a combination, the product is very versatile, because you can use it for fried-foods or boiling-water, just in a conventional way.

Why is it better than other pans on the market?
Is this just a gimmick? It’s just graphene Why can’t I buy it? Plain graphene: Almost impossible to work with Graphene sheets: Nice, but not very large Graphene and organic resin: Hard to work with Graphene and rubber: Still hard to work with Mixture of graphene and resin: Works well Source

Cast-iron pans are just not the best cast-iron pans out there, and although these pans are in your kitchen cabinet, they can get rusty and now it can’t get fried, and now you need to get them fixed so they can be used longer. These pans is are considered to be super durable, but is not able to be well used, and at this moment no new cast iron pan can replace any other pan in cooking methods. With the help of Graphene technology, you can definitely avoid the damaged and rusty parts of the pans, and you can get much healthier and better cooking options in your kitchen.

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