Thursday, October 29

Aegis Boost Geekvape Update

If you are looking to update your 200W Aegis boost geekvape, then you have come to the right place. Geekvape Aegis Boost integrated with the newest AS chipset and a hefty 1500mAh internal battery is capable of firing at up to 40 watts with 0.08s instant firing speed. Geekvape Aegis Boost Coils provides the best vaping experience. The first thing to take note of when updating your geekvape are the system requirements.

The operating system must be windows based operating system and you must have a zip software were you unpack the compressed file after downloading. You can try using the WinZip, WinRAR, or the 7-Zip.

After using any of the above zip software to unpack the file, follow these steps below:

· Remove the battery and atomizer from the device

· Hold press the + button while you plug a micro USB cable into the computer, then release the + button

· Go online to download the latest firmware of Aegis boost, then open and unpack the already compressed file to your windows desktop operating system. After that, double click the executable file (.exe.); to run/open the Aegis boost firmware.

· Lastly, click “start”

When you click start, the progress bar will be visible to you and you’ll notice that the firmware has completely been installed once you see the Aegis boost upgrade notifying you that it has updated successfully.

Next, you’ll remove the micro USB you previously plugged to the device as the upgrade would have been completed.

If you want to check the version of your firmware, simply fix the battery and open the device. After that, hold the “-“and the “+” button at the same time. When you’ve done this, it would display the latest version- “V1.2 2018 0710”.

Take note of these remarks just in case you come across them:

· If you are going to be updating your Aegis boost geekvape for the first time, it might take some time to connect so, all you have to do is exercise patience

· It will also take several seconds before it gets completely updated

· Peradventure the update fails, simply repeat the above procedure and don’t forget to remove the battery first

· Try as much as you can to disable antivirus software when downloading the Aegis boost firmware because some systems may identify the firmware file as a virus.

For the 100w Aegis boost geekvape, the system requirement is also a Window-based operating system and you’ll also need to download a Zip software to unpack the Zip file after it has been downloaded.

Afterward, follow these steps:

· Firstly, remove the atomizer and battery from the device

· Plug in a micro USB cable into your computer or laptop

· Hold press the “power button” while plugging the Micro USB into your device

· Go online and download the recent version of the Aegis firmware, use the Zip software to open and unpack the file to Windows Desktop and then, double click the executable file (.exe.) to run/open the Aegis upgrade firmware

· As soon as the firmware has been successfully installed, unplug the Micro USB from the device and press the power button 5 times to completely upgrade and turn the device on.

Take note of these remarks in case you encounter them:

· Just like the 200W, it will take some time to connect if it’s your first time updating the device

· It will take some seconds for the update to last so, be patient

· Repeat the procedure if the update fails and don’t forget to take out the battery first.


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