Logitech G700

Does Logitech ever sleep? They seem to churn out new and improved peripherals at an unsustainable tempo. Yet, here we’re. The long-time peripheral maker is at it once more and has unleashed the Kraken upon the PC gaming world. The new Logitech wireless G700 gaming mouse is most actually a monster. In a good manner Logitech Meetup Kenya.


– Highly accurate monitoring (5700dpi max)

– User replaceable AA rechargeable Eneloop battery

– 13 programmable buttons for each of five profiles

– Matte end easy to grip

– Reasonably secure

– Hybrid mouse (corded mousing capacity)

– Includes USB extension cable for wi-fi receiver


– Charge simplest thru powered USB port

– On the heavy aspect

– Slightly elevated slope is probably uncomfortable to a few

– Does now not include a unifying receiver

Sometimes the packaging tells you the whole thing about the product. I even have owned infinite Logitech mice and I’m very acquainted with the packaging. A pleasant contact at the G700 is a tab that permits you to slide the entirety out of the container greater effortlessly without trashing the box. The G700 for me, is a substitute for my wired Logitech G9 Mouse, which replaced my older wi-fi Logitech G7 Mouse. I had used the G9 in conjunction with a Logitech MX Revolution wi-fi mouse, but I can competently say I not want 2 different mice for gaming and for popular use.


The G700 is nearly as relaxed as the MX Revolution, to me. The G700 but, is higher at the peak of it is slope, with a higher bottom than the MX Revolution. My palms do now not rest as without problems down at the left/right buttons due to the fact my palm is more multiplied than on the MX Revolution. It is more significant than the G9 however extra relaxed in my opinion. The one aspect I wish were nonetheless viable within the G700 is the adjustable weight machine that the G9 used. It’s a piece on the heavy side and I would have preferred being able to set my very own weight.


If you’re a spec geek, you may be happy to realize that the tracking decision at the G700 is a bountiful 5700 dpi. The G7 turned into rated at 2000 dpi and the G9 at 3200 dpi. I’m not positive why they could not use their Darkfield Laser technology on the G700. Perhaps it changed into a required compromise to preserve the cost down from the already hefty price tag or perhaps it is now not even possible. The Logitech Performance Mouse MX’s resolution is still correct at 1500 dpi, however no longer pretty as much as par with most gaming mice. Regardless, I had no troubles tracking with the G700 and on-the-fly dpi adjustments have been quick and easy.

There had been a few chatter online approximately the G700 having troubles with small, particular movements that are key to FPS video games. I can say hopefully that I don’t have these issues. The SetPoint software I downloaded from Logitech did apply an update to the mouse although, so perhaps it changed into a firmware update to address this problem. I’m presently on firmware version 22.35.


I even have to mention that the individually sculpted buttons at the G700 had been executed as tasteful as you could want for a mouse with THIRTEEN buttons. There are 4 by means of the thumb, 3 by the forefinger, three for the scroll wheel, 1 underneath the scroll wheel, and of course, the left and proper buttons. The scroll wheel is the enormously vaunted hyper-rapid scroll wheel which can scroll freely. The button immediately below the wheel allows you to without difficulty switch to the ratcheting style scroll and again. All the buttons are placed in clean to reach positions and all are customizable with the SetPoint software program.

The G700-precise SetPoint alternatives are separated from the keyboard so you might not see a tab for it if you happen to use a Logitech keyboard as well. The alternatives in SetPoint are laid out properly and smooth to configure. From what I can tell, as soon as you have got written the configurations to the mouse’s reminiscence, you could use them on any laptop without SetPoint. Great for LAN parties if you do not journey together with your own rig. By default, the G700 comes with 3 profiles in which you can set extraordinary capabilities for each button. You may even add 2 extra profiles, supplying you with a total of five profiles of 13 capabilities. That equates to a possible sixty five specific features for your mouse. A mouse! You can maintain music of which profile you’re the usage of with the LED signs at the side.


It’s been a long time since I have had a wi-fi Logitech mouse supply me troubles with lag or stuttering and the G700 is not any exception. I positioned the nano receiver into the returned of my computer pc, that is positioned at the floor, underneath my desk. Logitech includes an extension cradle for receiver use, but I didn’t need to apply it. I actually have a cordless cellphone on the equal desk in addition to a single-band wi-fi N router.


Logitech receives bonus factors from me for their innovation inside the battery branch right here. First, the rechargeable battery isn’t most effective detachable, but it is a preferred AA NiMH battery that you may pick up for a dollar or two anywhere. But wait, there is extra! I flipped open the battery compartment to update the rechargeable with my own Sanyo Eneloop low self-discharge battery and what did I see? A Sanyo Eneloop low self-discharge battery already IN the mouse! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ `bout Willis! It became low out of the field but so I had to charge it right away. The battery inside the vintage G7 mouse changed into virtually quite a ache. It was a proprietary battery that you might switch out of the charging receiver, each day. Not only that, but replacements were impossible to find from Logitech. I’m now not finished; the innovation doesn’t prevent there! Logitech included a micro-USB charging cable that inserts speedy and easily into the the front of the G700 so you can use it as a wired mouse while the battery is charging! Though Logitech advertising and marketing elected not to call it a hybrid mouse, it really is exactly what the G700 is. Apparently the greater luxurious Razer Mamba has this hybrid potential as properly. As need to be predicted, battery existence would not come near matching the old MX Revolution. However, the brought flexibility of user replaceable batteries along with the charging/facts wire choice makes up for the shorter existence, for my part.


I just like the difficult matte finish on the G700 as a remember of private flavor. It does not look as elegant as my MX Revolution, but it additionally does not smudge just like the MX Revolution. My one hope is that the end does not peel like the precision grip at the G9 regularly did.

The different factor I observed is that the nano receiver isn’t always a unifying receiver. The unifying receiver is some thing Logitech has been touting heavily for the beyond year or two. This would had been exceptional in case you were using a Logitech wireless keyboard too, because the G700 already takes up 2 USB ports. I parent that Logitech wanted to keep away from any court cases about performance due to sharing the bandwidth of a unmarried USB port in order that they elected to leave out the unifying function for their gaming hardware.


The Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 is a top notch wi-fi gaming mouse, specifically for MMORPG games. It works nicely enough to also be a first-rate regular mouse. If you are honestly glad together with your modern mouse, I’m no longer positive it is really worth forking down the Benjamin for the G700. But, in case you don’t like your modern mouse for a few reason or it’s on its ultimate legs, I say move for it. Sure, it is able to be lighter and greater relaxed and feature higher battery existence, however you are also gaining a lot more. I for my part have packed up my G9 and MX Revolution. In fact, I’d been holding off on getting Starcraft II for some time now and it seems like I even have a brilliant reason to finally move get it.