Bizarre Victorian Parlor Games

Having researched dozens of vintage books on Victorian parlor games, seeking out appropriate birthday party game ideas for my kids, I frequently stumble upon video games that appear bizarre. The following games are a pattern of these Victorian parlor games which have protection problems, seem unnecessarily embarrassing to the contributors or produce other unusual characteristics through modern-day requirements UFABET.

Poor Pussy Cat

The first game, “Poor Pussy Cat”, could come under the general heading, these days, of “embarrassing yourself”. Indeed there are many examples of these sorts of video games, which nowadays best the very young would play, wherein the principle item of the sport (activity) is to act in a incredibly unusual way for the amusement of the birthday party. In Victorian times those ’embarrassing’ games have been regularly played by adults (both old and young).

The real game of Poor Pussy Cat is played by using choosing one member of the group to be the Poor Pussy Cat. The selected individual, gambling the Cat’s function, then is going around the room on all fours purring and rubbing up in opposition to humans, just like a cat. The most important goal of the other ‘gamers’ is to stoke the Cat and utter the word “Poor Pussy Cat”, retaining a straight face all of the time. Should one of the birthday party, stroking the Cat, smile or snicker then they might take the ‘Cats’ vicinity and the game continues.

Snap Dragon

This Victorian parlor game, commonly performed within the winter months in particular round Christmas, typifies the ‘Dangerous’ category of bizarre parlor games. The game is straightforward enough to play in that raisons are located in Brandy that is then set on fire and the party guests need to pluck out a raison and pop it in their mouth. For extra ‘affect’ this game is played in a darkened room to offer the people a devilish appearance as flames come from their palms and mouth. The raison is ‘extinguished’ while it’s miles in a closed mouth despite the fact that there are reviews of burning to each the hands and face of these playing. Here are some strains from a famous song (meant to be sung whilst playing the game), which further illustrate the revel in and “amusing” which can had with this simple sport:-

With his blue and lapping tongue

Many of you will be stung,

Snip! Snap! Dragon!

For he snaps in any respect that comes

Snatching at his feast of plums,

Snip! Snap! Dragon!

Are you there, Moriarty?

The very last sport on my list of weird Victorian parlor games typifies the brawling activities that so most of the younger Victorian men entered into to impress ladies at parties (a few matters never change!). I even have encounter other variations of this unique sport, also called “Blind Man’s Biff” in addition to video games with a small variation which additionally concerned men hitting every different with rolled up newspapers or cushions.

The game “Are you there, Moriarty?” is played as follows. Two people (generally adult males) lay face down at the ground opposite each other (stretched in a manner wherein their ft are as far faraway from every different as possible). They then hold every other’s left hand, that’s outstretched so that they flow their heads as far faraway from every different as possible. The gamers are then given a roiled up newspaper, which they maintain of their proper hand. One of the gamers then asks the query “Are you there Moriarty?” to which his opponent responds ‘Yes”. On listening to the reaction and the usage of the vocal cue as a trademark as to the whereabouts of his opponent’s head, the primary participant then attempts to hit his opponent on the pinnacle. This movement is then repeated with the roles reversed, so that the hitting alternates. As stated, in many of the write americaI have study approximately this form of recreation, the hobby is played more for the entertainment of the target audience in place of as a carrying assignment for the participants.


There are many examples of similarly weird video games that I should have stated for my list, however to be honest to the Victorians they did not have Radio, not to mention TV and the Internet so really they did must “make their own leisure” and via all accounts they have been very well occupied and entertained by means of these sports: So who am I to judge?

If you want to host, or take part, in actual Victorian parlor video games which are more appropriate for contemporary target audience then I could endorse you to check out my personal series of birthday party ideas which encompass many traditional and modern celebration games all well suited to latest youth.