Alternative Rubbish Removal Tips to Reduce the Amount of Clothing Going Into our Landfills


At a time and age where fashion is the in thing, people are going to extreme extents to get rid of the clothes they no longer need or are no longer trending. Most times, these pieces of clothing and other textiles end up in landfills and the result is lethal to the environment. The situation is not pleasurable at all as global warming takes effect and the climate is gets messed up. More often than usual, we see bin men doing rubbish removal rolling down wheelie bins full of clothes and other kinds of rubbish and emptying them into the skips. These Lorries, without your knowledge, dump the rubbish with the clothing included in landfills which approximates to about £140 million worth of clothing. This is about 895,000 tonnes, a very huge amount and one that has adverse effects on the environment as the greenhouse gases absorb the toxins produced by the clothing and bring about the greenhouse effect.

These numbers are worrying and saddening, but there are many easy alternative ways to get rid of the clothes you do not need any more that does not include dumping them in landfills. Take a look at this handy guide on how to reduce the amount of clothing going into landfills.


Some are not as blessed as you are and it would not hurt doing a little bit of charity. Sort out clothes in your closet and put aside those you do not need anymore. From this heap, sample those that are still in good condition and look presentable and make someone who is lacking look good too.

Swap with friends and relatives

Whatever you consider being rubbish to rubbish to you might be a treasure to someone else. Teenage girls are fond of this behaviour but this does not mean you are barred from doing. Plan a swap party and let everyone bring along a few of their clothes they do not need and exchange. This way, you will get that jacket or pair of pants in your friend’s closet that you have always been coveting. Doing this will give you ‘new’ and trendy outfits to rock to that party or date without spending anything on clothes.


Rubbish removal is not necessarily the only way you can get rid of those clothes that are no longer trendy. It is actually trendy to re-design those clothes and give them a new look that makes a fashion statement out there. If you are creative enough, you can use those fashion ideas you never put to practice and refashion your old clothes to something stunning. There is also the option of looking for videos online that guide you on how to DIY when it comes to refashioning of clothes.


Depending on how beat the clothes are to you, they might have good market value if you decide to sell them rather than throwing them into the dustbin. Transform your rugs to riches by reselling those clothes and shoes you no longer put on and make extra cash to re-do your wardrobe. There is the option of finding a good consignment shop around or selling them online as long as you come up with a reasonable price tag.


Instead of being like any other Tom, Dick, and Harry out there and pay for rubbish removal services, why don’t you consider recycling a good number of these clothing? An old pair of loose pants can be used together with an old t-shirt as pyjamas. You can also make an apron out of an outdated skirt, it all depends on your preferences and desires.

Join others in the move to reduce the amount of clothing going into our landfills by hiring incredible rubbish removal companies such as Clearabee to do it for you with a guarantee that none of the clothing you do away with end up in our landfills. Clearabee is a man and van clearance company offering cheap and reliable rubbish management services in the UK.